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Here at Westbury Autos we have a great range of tyres and specialist equipment to repair punctures. We only use the highest quality materials because your safety is our number 1 priority!

Tread Wear

Often tyres have to be replaced long before their specified life has been reached principally because of rapid or uneven tread wear. The most common causes of avoidable tread wear are:

Under Inflating - Causing rapid wear along the edges of the tread.

Over Inflating - Causing rapid wear along the centre of the tread.

Faulty brakes or shock absorbers - Can cause flat bald spots around the tread of the tyre.

Incorrect wheel alignment - Will cause rapid wear along the inside or outside edges of the FRONT tyres. If you strike a kerb or hit a pot hole - the delicate settings of the steering gear geometry are invariably misaligned which will result in this sort of wear. Wear and tear in the steering components can also knock the wheel alignment out of true - so it's vital that you have the front wheels realigned every 3 months or 3000 miles.

Damage Limitation

Cuts, breaks and abrasions to the tyre casing can penetrate deep into the inner fabric of the tyre and can be extremely dangerous - capable of causing high speed blow-outs. However, penetration of the tread by a nail or shard of glass or metal can often be safely repaired.

We only use a special vulcanised plug patch is used which repairs the tyre to high standard. Don't ever let anyone else attempt to repair your tyre to a lesser standard - it could prove fatal in the event of the repair failing at speed.

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Tyre Makes

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