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ABS Braking and Airbag Systems

Westbury Autos can deal with all ABS faults on your vehicle, from minor problems to major repairs, we cover most car manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, Seat, Ford, Volvo & Volkswagen.

ABS brakes and airbags are features we take for granted, and we feel secure that in the event of an accident, they will help in protecting us.

Like most working parts of a vehicle, ABS brakes and airbags are made up of mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components, all of which are open to wear and tear as well as ageing.

That's why it is vital these systems undergo regular servicing by professionals like us who have the up-to-date knowledge and technical equipment to service and repair them.

Here at Westbury Autos we repair all makes and models of car, providing sound advice on how best to proceed with a repair to your ABS system's fautls and problems. We cover all car makes ABS faults, such as BMW ABS faults & repairs, Seat ABS faults & repairs, Volkswagen ABS faults & repairs and many more.

If you have an ABS problem on any make or model of car, why not contact us.


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